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Never Limit What Your Imagination Takes You

Because you will eventually long for that freedom.


Forever Young: Birthday Happy

My Uncle Mbata, celebrating his 70th birthday party. Good to do more cultural celebrations like this!

Skate to That!

Skate to That!

He was amazing at the Tomboi fundraiser event. Can’t wait to shoot with them soon! @Brittany Alexandra Campbell and @Mia Monee Marcus

Bangin’ Models in the Front

Bangin' Models in the Front

He was definitely one of my favorite models from the show, for some charming reason..

Willow Smith At AfroPunk 2013

willowWillow Smith at Afropunk 2013

Me: Hey Willow! Willow! Can I get a picture?
(Willow throws fun poses at first then pauses…)
Willow: Oh wait, is this going to be posted somewhere?
Me: Yes.
Willow gave me this shot instead.

Willow Smith is awesome!

Secret Hiding Spot of NYC, Part I

IMG_6199Perfect little hiding spot my friend who lived in the city shared with me. A wonderful way to end your day from work in the last legs of summertime.

A Little Warmth, Brazil has Raised Me So.

A Little Warmth, Brazil has Raised Me So.

I remember how comfortable he wraps the flag around him like a blanket, the ones you had when you were younger. Since it was Brazilian Day in New York, you can expect that culture will always be that blanket.

Daddies’ Little Girl

Daddies' Little Girl

Can’t say much about the relationship of the two men are either siblings or lovers, but I can say that they have a candid strong relationship with the little girl they are holding hands with. 🙂

Throwback #1

Throwback #1

I took this picture in Trinidad almost two years ago

First Poll: Summer Olympics 2012 Thoughts