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New directions!


So I may not be the best blogger, but I try to keep my posts engaging. The year is kicking in quite alright, but I still have a long way to go. However, the one thing I always enjoyed but never gave enough credit in doing or getting to enjoy more is Mixed Martial Arts and fitness. I have came a long way from a shaky 2013 when I lost both of my grandparents, of which I was very close to. My grandmother was my primary caretaker for a huge percentage of my life and I can also proudly say I adapted alot of my late grandfather’s mannerisms. Losing my grandmother to Diabetes is definitely the hardest thing I ever experienced and I’m still trying to get over. So how does one ring in 2014, besides all my news in Press Photography? Simple, taking care of myself, especially healthwise. I was fortunate in getting into shape with an amazing trainer in circuit training and not only lost weight and toned up (though I was always known for being stronger than I look), but decided that this is something lifelong for me. I became more aware of my diet and constantly see the weight shed off. My jawlines are more defined, my skin and eyes brighter, and my mental focus sharper. I often bust into any GNC’s I stumble across and often ask questions about the supplements. I am currently using the Women Ripped Pack and love the chewables. Got my mom to buy healthier groceries everytime I come back home and best of all is that I feel a bit more happier now than I ever did. Can’t wait to buy my first bikini as a 24 year old woman in June! So what’s next from this post? More hiatuses? Besides, becoming my trainer’s freelance assistant for today, a new direction! I will start posting more diet tips, workout tips, inspirations, supplements to check out and avoid, and all that is fitness, nutrition, and dope sports and MMA I can muster on the interwebs. Until then, STAY TUNED! 



My goals for 2014

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Years! As always trying my best to use WordPress, but I have a feeling that you will hear more of me very soon. This time, I started early in the year and ready to get things moving. Before the events and the photoshoots, here are my goals for 2014. Hope I can get all of them down, you never know!


1)    Get signed to shoot with a magazine

2)    Get signed to cover more celebrity red carpets, fashion shows, concerts, and shows.

3)    Freelance with a powerful non-profit 

4)    Join ASMP OR PPA

5)    Conduct at least 12 Editorials in 2014

6)    Hold a gallery event of my work

7)    Fully transfer and transform my website to WordPress

8)    Maximize usage in the social media platform:

                                       i.    Pinterest-Learn more about it

                                      ii.    Instagram-Get at least 1,500 followers

                                     iii.    WordPress-Get at least 50 followers

                                     iv.    Twitter-Get at least 1,500 followers

                                      v.    Facebook-Get at least 1,500 likes in Facebook

9)    Get published in at least 3 newspapers and magazines.

10)  Create a portfolio hard-copy work of 2014 of at least 150 pictures. 


Bonus: Go on a date, there I said it!  Exercise and try boxing again! 


Until then, let 2014 be an amazing year!



Why I decided to become a World Student?



Hi everyone,

Hope all is well! I may not blogged in almost two months and my new years’ goals failed, but I wanted to still get my thoughts out, regardless if I went to an elaborate event or not. I was asked a few times of why adding the “World Student” part when mentioning my professions as both a photographer and videographer. Personally, I find this occupation is to represent me the most as well as encompassing my roles as videographer and photographer. It’s not a common profession because I am not common person and its a title unique to me in some way. Despite my claim to fame of being a swell photographer and persistent event videographer, I actually graduated from Trinity College with a Bachelors of Arts in International Studies as my major (minor was film studies). I never took a course in Photography until I studied aboard to Trinidad and Tobago. I took a photography course there, but I learned far enough before the class. If anything, Trinidad and Tobago taught me photography. I don’t know how to paraphrase or narrow it down to how a nation taught me an important skill I currently run my business on, but I can’t stress enough that travelling to a new country and becoming well-submerged in the culture has not only shaped my understanding of the world around me, but gave me a stronger purpose in life. My major in college, having the vast majority of my friends from different countries, studying aboard to two different countries (China as well), and being Nigerian has given me the sense of excitement when I actually do something, especially learning new things and making them a part of me. I took some of my strongest pictures in the Caribbean and also in events with International elements such as Couture Fashion Week. I am a huge fan of EDM music and . I studied the Japanese language for almost 4 years. I can go on with my submersion of International culture, but what makes me a World Student is not about being just worldly, but how to take different aspects of the world to influence your overall self in the time you are given. Let the world expand in your favor. Hope to blog again soon, seriously soon, soon.

What You Want by Evanescence

I find that life after college graduation even for a few months is incredibly challenging, especially if you are majored in something that is not in demand. Its really a Health Care and IT/Computer Science-catered economy at the moment; leaving us Humanities and Social Science, Political Science, and Philosophers in trouble. Was it a mistake to major in what we did for the X thousands of dollars in debt we bury ourselves in for a piece of paper that shows our completion of our 4+ years in college? Unfortunately, I have no place in my post to answer this question for you, but I can show you from experience that if you are truly blessed with a skill, definitely nurture it to the best of your ability. It is also wise to do more courses that can help you make you stand out as an individual. I see myself different from other videographers and photographers because I tend to focus on different styles of photography with heavy emphasis on composition and color. I am signed to fly to Cameroon in October as a Still-Photographer/Production Assistant for a movie, yet seeing that I have not returned back to Mother Africa for more than a decade will not be easy. Nor figuring out how I am going to pay for my travel there, whether take out a loan or wait to see if I can get sponsors to assist me.

One of the hardest parts is dealing with the fact that I have not found a full-time job, despite the skills, uniqueness, and energy I have. I always do want to help out in so many ways (videography/photography), but without a full-time job or a strong payback from gigs (I will get to a point where I refuse to do free gigs, unless for important charities) I find myself worried of what jobs I go from there.The fact that as a Nigerian-American, I am limited to career choices my people wanted me to venture in. The old saying of: “If you don’t go to school to become a doctor, lawyer, nurse, you are screwed for life”  often perturb me, but I know eventually I will figure it out. I will be one of the best Nigerian-American photographers out there. In fact, one of the most unique. If I think of it as a competition, I will lose. Its all about doing the very best each day, learning, meeting people, and the works. If you read from my previous post, I have many things planned for myself for this month. For you my readers and for my self growth as a photographer/videographer, this blog will always have some insight of where I am in the world. One thing for certain, I won’t stop doing videos and photography. I won’t give up when the economy gets me down. When my family often discourages me to go back to school to be a stereotypical Nigerian doctor, I stand my ground. It’s finally time I do things for myself and hopefully this can encourage others to do the same. Let’s here it for life, we only live once so do all that it worth the fight.  This post is dedicated to a song I actually wanted to do some kind of short film or photo shoot, but I have to find the time to make better plans the shoot.

Here are sample lyrics to What You Want by Evanescence:

Do what you, what you want
If you have a dream for better
Do what you, what you want
’til you don’t want it anymore (remember who you really are)

Do what you, what you want
Your world’s closing in on you now (it isn’t over)
Stand and face the unknown (got to remember who you really are)

Every heart in my hands
Like a pale reflection

Hello, hello, remember me?
I’m everything you can’t control
Somewhere beyond the pain
There must be a way to believe
We can break through

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PS: I am not pale, LOL.

Link to Evanescence’s What You Want:

My visit to Long Beach in New York

Hi guys,

Sorry I posted this a little late, I had such a weekend! I actually visited Long Beach, New York for the first time. Being an avid Manhattan traveler, I find my time in this city quite interesting. First of, I never visited any sandy parts of the Tri-State Area since Sandy Hook in South Jersey during my elementary school years. I can thank Trinidad and Tobago for the majority of my beach travels. I remember how friendly and supportive the Long Beach Community was to me. They were friendly and resourceful, especially of their sense of direction of places in the city. That does not mean that they are the sweetest people in the world, but I would not mind staying there for a few weeks to get a sense of the place. Long Beach reminded me alot like California—-laid-back civilians, beaches everywhere, had that Cali look. I was actually coming to Long Beach to help video/photo shoot a fashion show at Allegra Hotel. It was a breast cancer awareness show with the fashion company, Ooh La La Couture. Sponsored by Red Bull and Skullcandy, the Ooh La La Models walked the runway with some of the brand’s latest fashion. Not only those who came out get to see a well put together fashion show, but sampled some of Long Beach’s and other New York Companies catering companies, also raising funds and awareness for Breast Cancer. When you get the chance, please check them out! Ooh La La is sure not to disappoint!

Check out Ooh La La at:

Where do I start?

Sometimes when we want to restart something, we try to make whatever we established into something better. When I first thought about re-doing a whole new blog, I wanted to salvage the 9 long posts from my blogger account. However, I find that the best thing for me to do is to start from where I am today and continue growing as a videographer and photographer. Where in photography should I focus more? I am great in composting my shots, but I am attracted to light exposure. I have been to Trinidad and Tobago, China, and Hollywood and now I seek to work and live in New York City, since I dreamed about working in the city for the longest. Before I can do that, I plan to go to Cameroon next month as a Lead Production Assistant and Still Photographer for Yefon the Movie. I have finally reconnected to amazing friends I have not seen since I left for college when I was 18. Surprisingly for me, I was welcomed with bright smiles and killer hugs. I may not be in Los Angeles at the moment, but I feel that for some reason, Cameroon is going to be quite an experience! Los Angeles can wait, I have special plans of how I am going to live in Cali. I know what are my future goals as time goes on, but college graduates like me have to start from somewhere, right? In my case, I just started what would appear, an interesting and challenging path to becoming someone note-worthy.

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