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January 2013 Recap

Hi Everyone,

Happy (Belated) New Year! January was quite a busy month for me and now its the first day of February. I was able to cover six Press events, covered one PopUpSwap event and a Bitter NYC photo-shoot. I also have a more supportive team of people I can’t wait to tackle lots of projects with. Not to mention, I got a cool shootout from my director of Career Services at Trinity College for choosing to build my own business. Fashion Week is already here so all I have to say is welcome to 2014, The Year of the Horse. Waiting 12 years for this day, so can’t wait to see what happens next. Image


My visit to Long Beach in New York

Hi guys,

Sorry I posted this a little late, I had such a weekend! I actually visited Long Beach, New York for the first time. Being an avid Manhattan traveler, I find my time in this city quite interesting. First of, I never visited any sandy parts of the Tri-State Area since Sandy Hook in South Jersey during my elementary school years. I can thank Trinidad and Tobago for the majority of my beach travels. I remember how friendly and supportive the Long Beach Community was to me. They were friendly and resourceful, especially of their sense of direction of places in the city. That does not mean that they are the sweetest people in the world, but I would not mind staying there for a few weeks to get a sense of the place. Long Beach reminded me alot like California—-laid-back civilians, beaches everywhere, had that Cali look. I was actually coming to Long Beach to help video/photo shoot a fashion show at Allegra Hotel. It was a breast cancer awareness show with the fashion company, Ooh La La Couture. Sponsored by Red Bull and Skullcandy, the Ooh La La Models walked the runway with some of the brand’s latest fashion. Not only those who came out get to see a well put together fashion show, but sampled some of Long Beach’s and other New York Companies catering companies, also raising funds and awareness for Breast Cancer. When you get the chance, please check them out! Ooh La La is sure not to disappoint!

Check out Ooh La La at: