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My goals for 2014

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Years! As always trying my best to use WordPress, but I have a feeling that you will hear more of me very soon. This time, I started early in the year and ready to get things moving. Before the events and the photoshoots, here are my goals for 2014. Hope I can get all of them down, you never know!


1)    Get signed to shoot with a magazine

2)    Get signed to cover more celebrity red carpets, fashion shows, concerts, and shows.

3)    Freelance with a powerful non-profit 

4)    Join ASMP OR PPA

5)    Conduct at least 12 Editorials in 2014

6)    Hold a gallery event of my work

7)    Fully transfer and transform my website to WordPress

8)    Maximize usage in the social media platform:

                                       i.    Pinterest-Learn more about it

                                      ii.    Instagram-Get at least 1,500 followers

                                     iii.    WordPress-Get at least 50 followers

                                     iv.    Twitter-Get at least 1,500 followers

                                      v.    Facebook-Get at least 1,500 likes in Facebook

9)    Get published in at least 3 newspapers and magazines.

10)  Create a portfolio hard-copy work of 2014 of at least 150 pictures. 


Bonus: Go on a date, there I said it!  Exercise and try boxing again! 


Until then, let 2014 be an amazing year!




Worth the fight, worth the struggle.


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Haven’t wrote a blog for a few days now, so I rather reflect on things close to home than report on some events I have in store for August. While I am thrilled to get press for New York Fashion Week, Couture Fashion Week, Afro Punk, and American Basketball Association launch, I still have a ultra long way to go before I actually get there. I often hyperventilate on little things that questions both  my photography/videography skills. Photographers, ever been told that you have amazing photography, but mentally you are not yet satisfied of your current level? Are you only doing wedding photography because you are very good in this section of photography, but deep down someday you always wanted to do fashion photography? That, you want to breathe the same air as models who traveled to Paris, London, and Tokyo? You want to surround yourself with people that only talk about Coco Channel, Audrey Hepburn, and Twiggy, but I am quite sure that your yearnings for these conversations are deemed unfit for the most important day of someone’s life. I am very familiar with Event photography, but I hope to someday do Action, Fashion, and Photojournalism. I see myself practicing Martial Arts such as Muay Thai and Shotokan Karate (or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) as well as both re-speaking Japanese and learning Portuguese to go to both Brazil and Japan.

However, being buried in extensive college loans heavily drown my thoughts constantly. Not to mention, 2012 is perhaps the most difficult year I have ever experience. The pain of getting robbed twice in a year, getting my heart kicked the shit around all my last college semester, a sick grandmother, and hyperventilating that not having a full time job and following a photographer(s) who specializes in Action, Fashion, Photojournalism is quite a mind- fuck. That is not even all in my bucket list that 2012 is quite difficult for me. However, giving up isn’t something I hardly do. And you should not either.  The women in my family (excluding my sisters) are perhaps the most bulletproof people I know. To have a Nigerian-born mom working 16 hours workdays at least 6 days a week and still have time to raise and advise seven children is absolutely amazing. My grandmother is a step  above my mom, who also raised seven kids during the Biafran war. God knows how much mentally she went through since most people experienced the war like Biafra often go mentally ill. My grandma is the sweetest old lady I know. Her smile often makes you forget about the horrors, whether her horrors or yours. In fact, writing this post at this moment shows how lucky I am, to be fully alive, have a place to stay at home, and a camera to continue being a photographer, and hopefully the photographer I want to be.

My visit to Long Beach in New York

Hi guys,

Sorry I posted this a little late, I had such a weekend! I actually visited Long Beach, New York for the first time. Being an avid Manhattan traveler, I find my time in this city quite interesting. First of, I never visited any sandy parts of the Tri-State Area since Sandy Hook in South Jersey during my elementary school years. I can thank Trinidad and Tobago for the majority of my beach travels. I remember how friendly and supportive the Long Beach Community was to me. They were friendly and resourceful, especially of their sense of direction of places in the city. That does not mean that they are the sweetest people in the world, but I would not mind staying there for a few weeks to get a sense of the place. Long Beach reminded me alot like California—-laid-back civilians, beaches everywhere, had that Cali look. I was actually coming to Long Beach to help video/photo shoot a fashion show at Allegra Hotel. It was a breast cancer awareness show with the fashion company, Ooh La La Couture. Sponsored by Red Bull and Skullcandy, the Ooh La La Models walked the runway with some of the brand’s latest fashion. Not only those who came out get to see a well put together fashion show, but sampled some of Long Beach’s and other New York Companies catering companies, also raising funds and awareness for Breast Cancer. When you get the chance, please check them out! Ooh La La is sure not to disappoint!

Check out Ooh La La at:

Plans for August 2012


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I glad that I have made it to Day 3 on writing this blog, since that was the number I stopped on my Blogger blog. Not to mention, I never enjoyed writing the blog in the first place because I rely on memory to write down past experiences. Having a brand new blog was on top on my bucket list for this month. Now that I am on my fifth post, I plan to write at least 3 times a week, at most everyday. Today was another goal accomplished (writing 3 times a week), as August is far from over for me. I still have quite a few things to do before I am ready for September to breeze by. So I am going to list my goals for this month and the steps I am doing t get there. Hopefully, this can encourage you to do the same. Having a to-do list as a blog can be both beneficial and encouraging. I share mines, for you guys go ahead and get your goals accomplished. Let’s get started!


  1. Attend Afro-Punk Festival 2012 as Press Photographer in Brooklyn, NY on August 25-August 26- (I actually got approved as Press, but I have to work hard to get the pictures I wanted since I do not have the Photo Pass. Let’s see. )
  2. Meet some of the performers at Afro Punk- (My goal is to meet Straight Line Stitch, Janelle Monae, Eryakah Badu, and Purple Ferdinand.)
  3. Attend the Ooh La La Fashion in Long Beach this Saturday (Hopefully this will be a great show)
  4. Take another driving lesson from Alex this Saturday (I still do not have a driver’s license)
  5. Get some friends together and start shooting corporate, model, actor headshots, and create a sample music video. (Boy, do I have plans for this one!)
  6. Work with MUIPR and attend their New York Fashion Week event on September 6th. (They invited me)
  7. Work with Long Tran as their videographer/photographer for NYFW.  (I got accepted)
  8. Apply to at least 50 potential sponsors for Yefon the Movie (Money is not easy to get)
  9. Figure out how to go to Cameroon and at the same time make sure my potential employer is fine with me leaving for a month. (TBA)
  10. Have as my overall portfolio site. (Still working on it) 

More to come guys!

Check out for more pictures!!!!

P.S. Just added….Your girl got Press for the 2012 Couture Fashion Show in New York City!