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ABA Basketball Tri-State Tryouts 2012


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Hi everyone,

I miss you too! I haven’t blogged in a while because I was so caught up with this past weekend’s events. I had the wonderful opportunity of photographing two major events, ABA (American Basketball Association) and Afro Punk 2012. I will talk about Afro Punk 2012 in the next post. I was actually a bit nervous photographing this year’s event. One, I never shot a basketball game before nor saw a live one since I was much younger. I have not caught up with NBA and wished I had time to watch my younger sister’s games since basketball is her strong passion. Nonetheless, despite some of these flaws I had with basketball, I was glad for the opportunity given to me and did the very best I could. I was hired for the job since ABA is finally having a show on television for the first time in the organization’s history. Good thing they needed a photographer they can trust! Move over NBA, thanks to UBC-TV, ABA will get a television show! I mentioned UBC-TV from my earlier posts because I went to their launch party as a Production Assistant, but this is actually my first event with UBC, the recently launched television station.

I may not have the best camera body or the lenses yet, but I am confident that will change very soon. I shot every aspect of the tryouts, ranging from warm ups, slam dunks to actual game-play. I also photographed the interviews with all of the coaches as UBC had hosts for the video. The ladies were quite charming and fun to work with!  I met all of the coaches from the respective Tri-State teams including Connecticut, New Jersey (Woop, woop), and New York.  Lastly, I finally got the chance to formally introduce myself to the CEO of UBC-TV. I was really admired by Ms. Dobson’s strength, energy and radiance since she is the first person I met who actually owns a TV station. Being a Harlem entrepreneur as a woman of color is quite a rarity. I am glad to show some of the candid and “sweat shots” I took from the event  as she gave me her business card and offered me a place to work for UBC! It’s really quite an honor.  Moral of the story: “Just do it, you never know if the outcome would be in your favor or not.”  More to come!