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Fashion Week: Fall 2013 Recap

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Hi everyone,

Hope your New York Fashion Week was awesome. I was sick for the first time in ages, so I didn’t get to enjoy the majority of the shows, hosted at the Lincoln Center. However, I did managed to go to three shows that were impressive and pretty fun overall!  I attended the Tumbler and Tipsy and Boy Meets Girl shows at Style 360 at the Metropolitan Pavilion  last Thursday. With sponsors such Njoy Electronic Cigarettes and Sabra Hummus, you know that getting freebies makes you enjoy the entirely of the overall experience before the shows. Let’s start with Tumbler and Tipsy. Their collection for Spring/Summer 2014,  “So Next Level” was presented by The AIDS Healthcare Foundation.  In collaboration with Out of the Closet Thrift Stores and clothing made with Swarovski Elements, Micheal Kuluva did it again with Fun, Spunky, and Sexy Party clothes with memorable slogans such as “Banging Models in the Back” and “I’m so Next Level”. The guest model for the show was no other than Perez Hilton, who looks pretty much in model shape with his pink zebra pants.  Similar to the party, electronic vibe was the Boy Meets Girl Brand by Stacy Igel. In association with Just Dance 5 and guest performance by Superstar singer, Austin Malone, the show was jam packed with great energetic fashion and apparel. Last, but not least is a show that is different from what I usually cover. Imagine walking down the catwalk, with your eyes closed. Superstar fashionista, Jason Christopher Peters is considered the “Future of Fashion” for a reason!  Held at the El Morocco for the Uptown Fashion Show, the show was filled with edgy, anime-like, and vibrant clothes that makes a statement  For more pictures, please link on the links below. Until then, Happy Fashion Week!

Link to Tumbler and Tipsy:

Link to Boy Meets Girl:

Link to Jason Christopher Peters:


Couture Fashion Week 2013

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I know this might be late (I know, I know), but I am going to talk about my experiences as a press photographer for this year’s Couture Fashion Week held at the New Yorker Hotel on February 16th. I was able to make it to only one of the days because the designers I was interested in viewing their work were showcasing the same day. From Pearl Naidoo of South Africa to Alphadi of Nigeria, I am always rooting for international fashion designers to take both New York Fashion Week and Couture Fashion by storm and hopefully get to work with many more international designers. I had the wonderful pleasure in working with both Dakar Boutique from Senegal (there will be a future blog) and Sai Suman Couture from India. Nonetheless, I find the outfits were even more impressive and eloquent than ever before. From Alphadi’s beautiful dresses (My favorite was the woman in the brilliant pink) to Pearl Naidoo’s spunky male model of Indian descent and Marlene’s amazing wedding dresses, I am anxious to see if this would be something in the markets quite soon. I have also improved significantly in my sharpness, color balance, and lighting of my shots than the last couture fashion week, with the same old Canon 60D camera and kit lens. I can’t complain, I am still working on acquiring new lenses for my 60D. I would not get rid of my camera in a million years! Sure, I wished I moved to the front of the press pit to get the over the head runway shots you see in magazines, but the press photographers I have encountered were extremely vicious! I was one of the first ones, but I am not doing it for a magazine or a particular designer. Next time I do Couture Fashion Week, I will get more snarly to get the absolute best shots! Who knows, I might become a New York Times Photographer. The sky is the limit, our world is small. I am here to experience it all. Wait, why did I end with a rhyme? Until the end of time, I get the shots that is…ok, im done.

Ashton Michael Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection-“Black Heart”

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Hi everyone,

Since I have been hiatus for a while, I will leave you guys with one last post. And yes, its New York Fashion Week related for all those fashionstas out there. I’m actually uber excited writing this post as we speak since I have the utmost pleasure in covering an Ashton Michael show. You may seen some of his work (notably his jackets) with a few celebrities including Will i Am, Azealia Banks, and Waka Flocka Flame. Unlike the Micheal Kuluva- I Crave You collection, a show of flashy, hearts, and “Dripping in Gold” features, Black Heart is a huge contrast! The show adorns with each model sporting a gold nose-rings like long horn bulls, Gothic/metal leather jackets, unusual models (eg., a stocky man with a crazy beard, albino models, and the famous Zombie Boy.) The show is absolutely my favorite fashion show to date, not because of clothes I could see myself wearing (if I have the money), but a memorable one that I consider one of the scariest and perhaps controversial show of the season. Nonetheless, check out Zombie Boy and Ashton Michael’s line! You wont be disappointed. Unless you are very conservative in fashion, which can be boring! Cheers!

Please check out Ashton Michael at:


Tumbler and Tipsy-I Crave You! Fall 2013 Collection

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Hello everyone,

2012 has been quite an impressive year for me as I plan to make 2013 even bigger. This is officially my first post of the year and what better way to start off by talking about New York Fashion Week for the Fall Collection. I was honored to find out that the post that I wrote about last year’s Tumbler and Tipsy’s show landed me an official invite to attend the Tumbler and Tipsy- I Crave You! Fall 2013 collection as press. I never really expect my blogging can lead to more opportunities to network, but nonetheless I get to attend another Tumbler and Tipsy show!  Michael Kuluva is a LA based designer and owner of the Tumbler and Tipsy fashion line. The show was held on February 12, 2013 at STYLE360 at the Metropolitan Pavilion, New York City. Sponsored by Harmon/Kardon and Conair style, the show is set to impress once more.

Stars that attended the red carpet include Lily Halpern, Camen Electra, and Wynter Gordon as the show opened up with a live performance by pop singer Colette Carr with the hit song “F16”. Her military style baggy pants forecast what is to come for the rest of the show. The majority of models sported in plaid and or military like attire such as studded jackets and combat boots. However, since Valentine’s Day was near, the show had interesting Valentine themed accessories such as the makeup of the female models’ lips painted in heart shaped pouts, in tribute to Betty Boop. The show have alot of flashy and glittery aesthetics in the dresses and gear. but the most remembered among the collection was the official “Dripping in Gold” black sweatshirt worn by a model. Micheal Kuluva wore this shirt for the event. The show concluded with each model holding a red heart-shaped balloon. Overall, great show and perhaps Valentine’s Day Gift for those who attended!

P.S. I met Micheal Kuluva after the show was over! Best Valentine’s Day gift ever.

Please check out Tumbler and Tipsy at:


Fashion shoot in Times Square

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I have another fashion shoot update for this post which involves night photography. Again, this is the first time I got involved in a niche within photography for a clientele without prior experience. Not to mention, my time in teaching myself night photography is limited due to commuting to work. Thanks to YouTube videos, online photography posts such as Improve Photography (One of my favorite places to learn photography) and photographers I know, I discovered a nifty trick named Rear Sync, which delays your flash in order to get the background and foreground at the right settings. In the future, I will write more about camera tips and tricks which you, my readers will benefit from! My clientele for the fashion show was Sai Suman from India. She is a major Bollywood fashion designer who has done shows for Dubai Fashion Week and Couture Fashion week. I find that her work for someone in her youthful age is truly impressive. Initially, I thought I am doing photoshoot for Sai only, but little that I know that this is ACTUALLY A PHOTO SHOOT WITH MODELS!

Let’s recap this equation. Night Photography+Indian Fashion Designer+Real Models+Mid Level Camera equipment……..often have lukewarm to poor results, but for me, equals awesomeness. It was the first time I saw models getting ready for a actual shoot.They had an amazing makeup artist, hair stylist, and an assistant to work with Sai in a hotel room. Luckily for me, I have my partner from Bitter NYC to help me with my shoot maintenance and other things. With a few practice shots, the fashion shoot was ready to start. The tourists’ reaction of the models in Times Square was crazy. A lot of people want to pose with the models, asked if this will be featured in a magazine soon, who was the designer, and more. What was even more insane was the wardrobe changes in the changing room of a few clothing stores such as Hollister and inside a food shack. It felt like a Top Model moment. Best of all, the New York Police is known to stop shoots like this, but they actually joined in the fun and I took great pictures of them posing with the models. Overall, great people, great shoot, and most importantly, GREAT EXPERIENCE!

Some Updates and Goals

Hi everyone,

It’s been a little over a month since I last posted here. I have some amazing updates for you guys! First of all, although its not the biggest thing in the world for me, I am proud to say that I found a part-time job at Sony in New York City. I am very excited to learn about Sony since it gives me a chance to play with all the latest gadgets and gizmos. Second, I am selected to direct a documentary next year. I am confident that you guys will here alot more about it in the near future, since I love keeping things a mystery. For the next two posts, I am going to talk about my experience with NYCC/NYAF (New York Comic Con and Anime Festival)  and my first photoshoot in Times Square with an Indian Fashion Designer. Oh, and I finally got a credit card for the first time in my life! I have a clue of the many things I want to purchase and yes, paying those god-awful bills. More to come, finally.

Couture Fashion Week 2012

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Looking back at my previous blog about my goals for September, I am glad to say I have come a long way. I have photographed many large scale events in New York, got the attention of models, designers, and CEOs for my photography, and still managed to write about it. Couture Fashion Week was absolutely the best show I have taken pictures of to date and learned so much about producing magazine worthy pics without fancy equipment. I also networked with different fashion designers and photographers. I must tell you, its definitely not as easy as bringing your camera and sitting down to take pictures. A fashion show as big as Couture is really intense, especially as press photographer. You need great seating to take amazing pics; be expected to arrive at least two (2) hours before the first show. Not to mention, expect great competition for the seats as well. Both experienced and average photographers alike are very snappy when someone (even photographers hired from the fashion designers) are in the way. However, I still managed to take wonderful pics for you guys to share and also posted on my website.

The venue for Couture Fashion Week is in Waldorf-Astoria hotel in New York City as the show includes world class entertainment (amazing singers such as Veronica Iovan) and exhibits of art and luxury products and services from different places from around the world, including China, the Philippines, and Nigeria. Although I do admit that my knowledge of fashion is limited, I am glad to gain more world class fashion from the event. The designers that came out are not limited to European designers, but also included India and Vietnam. Couture Fashion Week is definitely the last stretch of fashion week in New York since its separate from New York Fashion Week. My favorite designers this year falls with Andres Aquino, Wendy Luzon, Sai Suman, and Zizi Cardow. I leave you guys with amazing pictures of this year’s show. Enjoy!

First Fashion Shoot Client: Bitter NYC

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I have not updated this blog for a few days and I do apologize to my readers! I had such an overwhelming experience this whole week, namely due to New York Fashion Week and the fact that I am a new blogger showed…alot.Gah! I actually had my first ever photo shot with a company called Bitter NYC. My friends in NJ thought I was perfect because I am a killer event photographer and the original photographer bailed out last minute. Why do people assume photography is an all around thing? When I mean this was my first photoshoot, I really meant that I have no experience in fashion photography, lighting photo studios, and models….hot models. Oh, and the shoot was less than a week. I did not want to miss quite an opportunity, so I took the job and self-taught myself fashion photography. I spent the next few days learning about the external flash, strobes, reflectors, and how to position models through YouTube and PDF files I found online. Oh, yes and the convenience of owning a Google Nexus 7. The shoot was in Queens, New York.

I came in late as one of my friends escorted me to the door, informing me that the models were experienced and attractive. He was right! This covered the posing part significantly. I knew what camera settings to put when I arrived, but I find lighting the models the hardest due to the harsh shadows drowning out the white background for some of the pictures I took. I find it annoying, even though it not as bad as others I seen. I can’t burn myself out over my first photo-shoot. I actually gave some instructions to some of the models as well as played with amazing strobes that hopefully I will acquire someday. It made my Canon 60D camera more special. To have colorful beenie hats with edginess, color, and appeal to compliment the models, I can not go wrong. The shoot was the entire weekend and I left with amazing shots I hope to get again for future shoots.

Check out Bitter NYC at:


Tumbler And Tipsy And Just Dance 4 NYFW

I didn’t expect to write a post about New York Fashion Week stuff since this is my first time doing the show. However, yesterday was perhaps the coolest day of this month. Not only did I got invited by an amazing model, but it was quite the star studded event. Michael Kuluva, a LA based designer shown his fashion line, Tumbler and Tipsy at STYLE360 at the Metropolitan Pavilion South. Sponsored by major brands such as Monster Energy Drink, Monster Beats, and Stoli, its quite the expectation when you have a popular video game dance party, lots of freebies, and tons of A-list celebrities. I took pictures of the Red carpet and met people from different outlets such as Signature Hits and amazing freelancers. The only two people I was familiar with was Nina Sky and Jojo. I was super lucky to grab a pic with Nina Sky, which is shared at the bottom of this blog below. I may not grab a pic of Jojo and I together, but telling her how much I love her music and the warming smile she responded was just as good enough for me.

It was quite overwhelming for me at first, but I remember how well I take those pictures and just let me laid-back self take care the rest. I got the best seat in the house to take the runaway shots of the models, including Olympian Alex Morgan. Among the audience members were Kris Jenner and Lance Bass of NSYNC. Never in a million years that I find Lance Bass or Kardashian in the same room as me. Nor, to have Ms. Jenner ran full body contact with me by mistake (she apologized) and to get a hug from my favorite NSYNC band member. Overall, my whole experience was amazing. From a male model rocking out a long black tutu, a random busty runway model, hanging out with G4, to even learning that I will suck at Just Dance 4 super hard, it was all quite unsuspectingly awesomeness!

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Worth the fight, worth the struggle.


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Haven’t wrote a blog for a few days now, so I rather reflect on things close to home than report on some events I have in store for August. While I am thrilled to get press for New York Fashion Week, Couture Fashion Week, Afro Punk, and American Basketball Association launch, I still have a ultra long way to go before I actually get there. I often hyperventilate on little things that questions both  my photography/videography skills. Photographers, ever been told that you have amazing photography, but mentally you are not yet satisfied of your current level? Are you only doing wedding photography because you are very good in this section of photography, but deep down someday you always wanted to do fashion photography? That, you want to breathe the same air as models who traveled to Paris, London, and Tokyo? You want to surround yourself with people that only talk about Coco Channel, Audrey Hepburn, and Twiggy, but I am quite sure that your yearnings for these conversations are deemed unfit for the most important day of someone’s life. I am very familiar with Event photography, but I hope to someday do Action, Fashion, and Photojournalism. I see myself practicing Martial Arts such as Muay Thai and Shotokan Karate (or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) as well as both re-speaking Japanese and learning Portuguese to go to both Brazil and Japan.

However, being buried in extensive college loans heavily drown my thoughts constantly. Not to mention, 2012 is perhaps the most difficult year I have ever experience. The pain of getting robbed twice in a year, getting my heart kicked the shit around all my last college semester, a sick grandmother, and hyperventilating that not having a full time job and following a photographer(s) who specializes in Action, Fashion, Photojournalism is quite a mind- fuck. That is not even all in my bucket list that 2012 is quite difficult for me. However, giving up isn’t something I hardly do. And you should not either.  The women in my family (excluding my sisters) are perhaps the most bulletproof people I know. To have a Nigerian-born mom working 16 hours workdays at least 6 days a week and still have time to raise and advise seven children is absolutely amazing. My grandmother is a step  above my mom, who also raised seven kids during the Biafran war. God knows how much mentally she went through since most people experienced the war like Biafra often go mentally ill. My grandma is the sweetest old lady I know. Her smile often makes you forget about the horrors, whether her horrors or yours. In fact, writing this post at this moment shows how lucky I am, to be fully alive, have a place to stay at home, and a camera to continue being a photographer, and hopefully the photographer I want to be.