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Expect the Unexpected, you will appreciate it. (Part II)

Mike and Me (1 of 1)

I mentioned from my previous post that I will talk about the PDN Expo 2012. I know that its quite late since the show was this past October, but I would love to talk about my experiences for I actually had a great time. Also, this was my second show in Javits Center, after attending New York Comic Con. Even though I was not press this time, I still met amazing people! I received so many pamphlets, Photography magazines,product guides, and information on the latest DSLRS, portfolios hosting sites, lighting gear, and much more from tons of different vendors. Nonetheless  I spent alot of my time around Sony and Canon DSLRs since I already own Canon cameras and I am planning to invest in Sony products. I am planning to obtain either a Canon Mark III with both 24mm-70mm lenses or the Sony Alpha a99 with similar lenses from Carl Zeiss to take my pictures to the next level. Lastly, I spent the rest of my time hearing from the Sony artisan photographers who gave amazing seminars to the public.  They talked about how their usage of Sony cameras has made their diverse niches in photography such as portrait and fashion easier. You might heard of them, but meeting Micheal Jordan Smith, Andy Katz, and Me Kah Roh was perhaps the coolest thing that has happened to me this year. Oh, and I won $250 dollars from Hopefully, I will email them about the certificate. Stay motivated!


Tumbler And Tipsy And Just Dance 4 NYFW

I didn’t expect to write a post about New York Fashion Week stuff since this is my first time doing the show. However, yesterday was perhaps the coolest day of this month. Not only did I got invited by an amazing model, but it was quite the star studded event. Michael Kuluva, a LA based designer shown his fashion line, Tumbler and Tipsy at STYLE360 at the Metropolitan Pavilion South. Sponsored by major brands such as Monster Energy Drink, Monster Beats, and Stoli, its quite the expectation when you have a popular video game dance party, lots of freebies, and tons of A-list celebrities. I took pictures of the Red carpet and met people from different outlets such as Signature Hits and amazing freelancers. The only two people I was familiar with was Nina Sky and Jojo. I was super lucky to grab a pic with Nina Sky, which is shared at the bottom of this blog below. I may not grab a pic of Jojo and I together, but telling her how much I love her music and the warming smile she responded was just as good enough for me.

It was quite overwhelming for me at first, but I remember how well I take those pictures and just let me laid-back self take care the rest. I got the best seat in the house to take the runaway shots of the models, including Olympian Alex Morgan. Among the audience members were Kris Jenner and Lance Bass of NSYNC. Never in a million years that I find Lance Bass or Kardashian in the same room as me. Nor, to have Ms. Jenner ran full body contact with me by mistake (she apologized) and to get a hug from my favorite NSYNC band member. Overall, my whole experience was amazing. From a male model rocking out a long black tutu, a random busty runway model, hanging out with G4, to even learning that I will suck at Just Dance 4 super hard, it was all quite unsuspectingly awesomeness!

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Hanging out with Straight Line Stitch


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Life is often unpredictable. It can be to our advantage or disadvantage as we venture into its adventures. I am still in awe of this year’s Afro Punk this past weekend.  Not only I photographed two amazing events, but the relationships I built are memorable. I met a CEO and the lead singer of a band I admire in a single weekend. Its a blessing to go with your gut and let life/God/fate take the wheel, hopefully for the best. I am going to share you a story which is going to start another series in my blog to add to “Memory Lane”, “Celebrities I met”. Later on, I will share of my experiences meeting celebs including Stan Lee, The Roots, and Juelz Santana, some of the most humble people I have met. Let’s start with Straight Line Stitch. After my fan-girl self photographed their performance and got an exclusive SLS guitar pick, the band mentioned after their show they will be hanging out with the public for a bit. I rarely see a band willing to hang out with the public after a show. Nonetheless, I know that they can not stay for long since they have tours and stuff. I spent over 90 minutes looking for the band. I actually wanted an autograph. I stocked up on Vitamin-water and Granola Bars since I lost some energy.

Luckily for me, one of the security guards in black suits was a good friend of mine. I asked if Straight Line Stitch left and he told me that they mostly likely did since he saw most of them packing their stuff into the van. I was glad to ran into my friend because the manager of the band had just passed me. I remembered him because he was the one that gave me the SLS guitar pick. I left my friend and rushed to catch up with him. I got his attention by mentioning that I was huge fan of the band and wanted to meet them. He agreed and I walked alongside him. He told me that some of them were getting their gear into the van  in order to hit the road. At the time, I did not see the lead singer. However, I did ran into the drummer of the band and another metal band called “Blessthefall”. The drummer was SLS was very humble and chill. He actually signed one of his drumsticks and gave it to me. The manager gave me another cool guitar pick, bringing my total to two. As I talked to the drummer and his experiences,  I learned he has been playing the drums since he was 3 years old and played for 27 years. Suddenly,Janelle Monae rushed inside the media check-in station. I took a picture of her by mistake and I was the only photographer their at the time. I am still thinking whether to publish the picture or not.

After the crowd waiting to get into the festival wildly cheered, I actually realized that I have quite a winning picture. I showed the pic to the drummer and recommended that I should give it to the press or something. I also realized that the lead singer was in the van too. I boldly walked over to the passenger side of the van and met Alexis of SLS. Again, I was blown away of how humble and kind she was, despite the killer metal vocals she possesses. Not only metal bands are scary, lol. I went inside of the van and hanged out with her and the manager. They have a long road ahead of them because they are on tour from Tennessee. I learned alot about Tennesse and more about the band in person, such as their backgrounds, band life, and other details. I asked Alexis for an autograph and I was so happy to tell her in person how Straight Line Stitch was the main reason I came out to Afro Punk. She was really humbled to hear my story as she saw my DSLR around my neck, complementing my Afro Punk press badges. I told her that I was a photographer and asked to see some of my pics. I gave her my camera to view the pics and she was actually quite impressed. Not only the pics were good but she was surprised that I got great pics of her face showing.

She  never met a photographer that actually can get good pics of her face showing because her long hair is often in the way from all that headbanging. She asked if she can post some of the pics of the band so I can get photo credit. I had a surreal moment; I am sitting inside the van of the band I came out to see and now they asked to post my pics on their site and for me to get credit. This is beyond my expectation of Afro Punk, this is heaven! I definitely agreed to it and hope that some of my pics are of good use for the band’s promotion. Unfortunately, I had to run to photograph Janelle Monae’s performance. I gave Alexis my card and exchange contact information to ensure she will get a hold of the pics. I gave her a big hug before I rushed off.  I rushed off to the last Afro Punk performance with three details in my head: 1) I exchanged contact information with a band I listen to 2) I gave Alexis a big hug 3) They love the pics!  I may not got the best pics of Janelle Monae at Afro Punk, but I never forget the experience of hanging out with Straight Line Stitch and the relationships built. Not to mention, the cool text message she sent me about how nice meeting each other and the pics! Once again Afro Punk, you never ceased to amaze me! Take care folks.