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A Little Warmth, Brazil has Raised Me So.

A Little Warmth, Brazil has Raised Me So.

I remember how comfortable he wraps the flag around him like a blanket, the ones you had when you were younger. Since it was Brazilian Day in New York, you can expect that culture will always be that blanket.


Fashion Week: Fall 2013 Recap

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Hi everyone,

Hope your New York Fashion Week was awesome. I was sick for the first time in ages, so I didn’t get to enjoy the majority of the shows, hosted at the Lincoln Center. However, I did managed to go to three shows that were impressive and pretty fun overall!  I attended the Tumbler and Tipsy and Boy Meets Girl shows at Style 360 at the Metropolitan Pavilion  last Thursday. With sponsors such Njoy Electronic Cigarettes and Sabra Hummus, you know that getting freebies makes you enjoy the entirely of the overall experience before the shows. Let’s start with Tumbler and Tipsy. Their collection for Spring/Summer 2014,  “So Next Level” was presented by The AIDS Healthcare Foundation.  In collaboration with Out of the Closet Thrift Stores and clothing made with Swarovski Elements, Micheal Kuluva did it again with Fun, Spunky, and Sexy Party clothes with memorable slogans such as “Banging Models in the Back” and “I’m so Next Level”. The guest model for the show was no other than Perez Hilton, who looks pretty much in model shape with his pink zebra pants.  Similar to the party, electronic vibe was the Boy Meets Girl Brand by Stacy Igel. In association with Just Dance 5 and guest performance by Superstar singer, Austin Malone, the show was jam packed with great energetic fashion and apparel. Last, but not least is a show that is different from what I usually cover. Imagine walking down the catwalk, with your eyes closed. Superstar fashionista, Jason Christopher Peters is considered the “Future of Fashion” for a reason!  Held at the El Morocco for the Uptown Fashion Show, the show was filled with edgy, anime-like, and vibrant clothes that makes a statement  For more pictures, please link on the links below. Until then, Happy Fashion Week!

Link to Tumbler and Tipsy:

Link to Boy Meets Girl:

Link to Jason Christopher Peters:

Disappointments comes unwanted, what’s next?

I try to stay positive in the worst of times since the best of times are not always permanent. 2013 was the first year I really got a knack in the photography/film world, business wise. You have incompetent clients that throw many curveballs at you in order for you to strike out and compensate them for lost time, even though she was in the wrong. You have people that promise you the world once you work for them for little or no monetary compensation until things come in bloom. Things come in bloom, but pockets stay like buds instead of flowers. Worse of all, you may miss the hugest opportunities in life due to extreme circumstances after another, leaving you out of the ballpark and submerged with dismay, debt, and depression. However, despite all of this, I learn one thing, what’s next? I still have a degree in International Studies and I coined the term “World Student”, what’s next? I still have my skills and able bodied to do great things, what’s next? I’m going back to Shotokan Karate and relearn Japanese, so reconnect with your hobbies that make you. This is not a blog post about failures, I didn’t fail. I just make mistakes that I can start anew soon. I learned that the things you fight for, the things that inspire you do better and feel better about yourself should be your career. And oh, be a better Christian and go to Church on Sunday, got that from Mom. And that’s a fight worth fighting for, that’s what next!

Daddies’ Little Girl

Daddies' Little Girl

Can’t say much about the relationship of the two men are either siblings or lovers, but I can say that they have a candid strong relationship with the little girl they are holding hands with. 🙂

Throwback #1

Throwback #1

I took this picture in Trinidad almost two years ago

I shall write you a better letter.



I decided to a different side of blogging about events to talk about an event that recently occurred to me. Nearly a month ago, I lost my grandfather in Nigeria at the age of 85 years. The sad thing is that he spoke to my dad nearly two hours before he passed on. Although, there will be a wake in his memory tomorrow, I still linger on the sides of acceptance and denial of his death. I accept that 85 years is not a bad age to pass on in Nigeria, but mentally I constantly deny that his time came. I remember how hilarious and bold he was. The type of guy who would talk to you in a solid conversation, then would suddenly kill a bat or a bird without hesitation or delay. He was my mom’s best friend and the reason why my parents got married. My last memories of him was both how stubborn he was when he wanted to go back home from the airport, since the plane to Lagos was perhaps delayed, then relaxed when we came to his home a few days later in Nigeria. I remember how vivid, yet dusty with the maroon dirt compound and roads Owerri was. When I can purchase snacks for less than 25 USD cents before entering my grandfather’s house.

My last memories of him were how much food we ate at his place and I petting the brilliant goats my grandfather owned. Or, talking with his brilliant African Grey parrot that was smart enough to remember my siblings and I names. Or, bid my grandparents the “Good Mornings and Nights”. Last, but not least the very last thing I heard from my grandfather. My mom always goes to Nigeria in December and often advises us grandchildren to write letters for her to bring home to Grandpa. I gave my grandparents some money and write letters to each of them. I do not remember if my last letter I wrote to him mention my roles as a photographer and videographer, but it was a long letter. I never knew he was a photographer until my mother told me on mother’s day this year. Not to mention, one of the best Nigerian photographers in his time. If he was able to support seven children and grandma, then he must be good. Sad to say that my last letter my grandfather wrote to me was really a unfinished and short letter.

I forgot his last words to me from the phone conversation we had, but somewhere around the lines of “I can’t wait to see you in America soon.” Most importantly, his last words from the final letter he sent me were: “I shall write you a better letter”.  Words can’t say that I am still in grieve, especially of our conversation was not finished, but somehow brought more meaning to my work. I am proud to say that I am the granddaughter of a great Nigerian Photographer and perhaps his letter symbolizes that its up to me to “Write a better letter.” RIP Grandpa. I promise, I will follow in your footsteps, even if I get all in the trouble in the world.

There are times, run to that happy place, stat!



Not bad,

Another day, another blog. Eventually I will integrate this blog to my main website, or maybe not. Whatever seems to come first, I always try to keep myself busy when things get down, when people seem to give me a harder time than usual, or simply when things get slow. I hate the feeling of being listless or the feeling of wasting time. It’s just a nasty habit I eventually need to quit. I want to do too much in a small amount of time, which does not help me in the long run. But in the long run, I want to get somewhere amazing, beyond I already achieved. Can I read twenty-five books on photography by the end of 2013, perhaps. Am I able to get that Paul C Buff Strobe kit with the Mark III, I hope so. Regardless of where I should be, what I should be doing, or when I get there, I often fail to realize that you have to take care of yourself and chill out! There are times, that you don’t feel like you done anything of a milestone or wish you can control a situation better and there is no way you can get that time back. If you ever feel this one, run to that happy place and try again tomorrow or in a few hours. Relax, play video games, call that friend you love talking with, watch a movie, but most importantly do all that you love, you enjoy, and run to that happy place. Tomorrow is another day!

Promise me, that you be yourself.

Hi everyone,

Again, I can’t promise that I will blog every day like the top dogs in photography, but I did realize one thing I wish I done earlier, who cares if you are doing something huge or not. If you have a passion for something your life, make like Nike and just do it. I admit, my first glimpses to the real world is not as glamorous as I liked, but I am glad that the people I actually met along the way are amazing. I met rich people, I met famous people and that’s cool, but meeting people with vibrant stories and adventures are more remarkable than we give them credit for. One of my best friends embarked me on this important quote that I will forever carry with me, “Be good to those who you meet, you never know who you are talking to at the end of the day.” At the end of the day, she is absolutely right. Being the very humble, friendly, and sometimes nerdy and crazy girl I am, I guess I am lead to the right path of people; people who would throw you a surprise party for your 23th birthday (I went to a Magic show, that’s right…Magic), people that gave you amazing opportunities to become part of, and of course the opportunity of a lifetime, finding the path to be yourself, in my case, a better me. 🙂


More to come,



Why I decided to become a World Student?



Hi everyone,

Hope all is well! I may not blogged in almost two months and my new years’ goals failed, but I wanted to still get my thoughts out, regardless if I went to an elaborate event or not. I was asked a few times of why adding the “World Student” part when mentioning my professions as both a photographer and videographer. Personally, I find this occupation is to represent me the most as well as encompassing my roles as videographer and photographer. It’s not a common profession because I am not common person and its a title unique to me in some way. Despite my claim to fame of being a swell photographer and persistent event videographer, I actually graduated from Trinity College with a Bachelors of Arts in International Studies as my major (minor was film studies). I never took a course in Photography until I studied aboard to Trinidad and Tobago. I took a photography course there, but I learned far enough before the class. If anything, Trinidad and Tobago taught me photography. I don’t know how to paraphrase or narrow it down to how a nation taught me an important skill I currently run my business on, but I can’t stress enough that travelling to a new country and becoming well-submerged in the culture has not only shaped my understanding of the world around me, but gave me a stronger purpose in life. My major in college, having the vast majority of my friends from different countries, studying aboard to two different countries (China as well), and being Nigerian has given me the sense of excitement when I actually do something, especially learning new things and making them a part of me. I took some of my strongest pictures in the Caribbean and also in events with International elements such as Couture Fashion Week. I am a huge fan of EDM music and . I studied the Japanese language for almost 4 years. I can go on with my submersion of International culture, but what makes me a World Student is not about being just worldly, but how to take different aspects of the world to influence your overall self in the time you are given. Let the world expand in your favor. Hope to blog again soon, seriously soon, soon.

Couture Fashion Week 2013

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I know this might be late (I know, I know), but I am going to talk about my experiences as a press photographer for this year’s Couture Fashion Week held at the New Yorker Hotel on February 16th. I was able to make it to only one of the days because the designers I was interested in viewing their work were showcasing the same day. From Pearl Naidoo of South Africa to Alphadi of Nigeria, I am always rooting for international fashion designers to take both New York Fashion Week and Couture Fashion by storm and hopefully get to work with many more international designers. I had the wonderful pleasure in working with both Dakar Boutique from Senegal (there will be a future blog) and Sai Suman Couture from India. Nonetheless, I find the outfits were even more impressive and eloquent than ever before. From Alphadi’s beautiful dresses (My favorite was the woman in the brilliant pink) to Pearl Naidoo’s spunky male model of Indian descent and Marlene’s amazing wedding dresses, I am anxious to see if this would be something in the markets quite soon. I have also improved significantly in my sharpness, color balance, and lighting of my shots than the last couture fashion week, with the same old Canon 60D camera and kit lens. I can’t complain, I am still working on acquiring new lenses for my 60D. I would not get rid of my camera in a million years! Sure, I wished I moved to the front of the press pit to get the over the head runway shots you see in magazines, but the press photographers I have encountered were extremely vicious! I was one of the first ones, but I am not doing it for a magazine or a particular designer. Next time I do Couture Fashion Week, I will get more snarly to get the absolute best shots! Who knows, I might become a New York Times Photographer. The sky is the limit, our world is small. I am here to experience it all. Wait, why did I end with a rhyme? Until the end of time, I get the shots that is…ok, im done.