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Hey everyone,

Its been a while since I last been on here. I know, the same “I’m too busy living an awesome life as a photographer excuse blah”. However, over the past few months since the last post, I realized that I have changed as a person. I got more into fitness because I want to get better at doing more tasks efficiently. I want to look and feel good when buying new clothing since I tend not to show off my body as much (even wearing shorts). Most importantly, I want to get comfortable being uncomfortable by doing all of the things I kinda always wanted to give it a try. Give a talk, teach a class, learn how to dance in front of an audience, even have a photoshoot, this time I’m front of the camera more. My grandmother’s death (and yes) its been almost a year since she passed from Diabetes has taught me that life can be taken away from you at any given time, but the time you spent here should be remarkable in those who you encountered.

I also learned that I have a speech and communication disorder called “Tachyphemia” or Cluttering, which is characterized by a rapid rate making speech difficult to understand, erratic rhythm, poor syntax or grammar, and words or groups of words unrelated to the sentence. This has greatly impacted my life because not only I never got the proper help I needed to become comfortable with my speech in dealing with people, but I felt I was never confident in doing just about anything that involves dealing with people, only when it comes to oral communication. In case you are wondering, I am also not comfortable in talking about my dating/personal life, except family. Sometimes, I wonder if anyone fucking gets my point when speaking, so what is the point?  Though, I do admit that I have a great personality from what I was told. (I think I am really a outgoing and fun person who also enjoys life and anime/game/comic/nerd culture)  There are times that I often think in the back of my mind, that I am insignificant because I am not confident in my speech unless I get really passionate about something, despite the amazing opportunities I had in the past.

People can be horrible when they can take advantage of your inability to speak your mind because you are constantly thinking 1,000 words a second to speak. I endured bullying, anger, disappointment, mistreatment and fear for a good majority of my life and just like you, I can get hurt, I know what it is like in giving up and getting help seems to be a burden. So why am I writing this somewhat pressing post about me? In reality, some of the best artists showcase their heart, souls, and their pain in order to feel that they was here.Life is short, be a badass! My best work is yet to come in my mind, and I can ensure that I am really to let you, my awesome audience (especially for reading this article) know that its time to push the envelope of what kind of work I can produce. I am interested in storytelling of others in order to tell my story a lot better and also cultural and uplifting content. I am also interested in spirit science and mythology, but that’s for another post. Instead of allowing my disorder to put me a frenzy of finding the help I need to fit a mold of what I should be, I actually embrace it.

Instead of allowing my grandma’s death to put me in depression and giving up, for she raised me for the majority of my twenty-four years of life, I actually became more aware of my health and in return I have been more than embraced by the wellness, health and fitness worlds in open arms. I am currently a Diet and Exercise Writer for, Yoga Teaching Trainee Assistant at Ashtanga Yoga, working on a self reflection photo project at the Reciprocity Foundation, on top of being a contributing photographer at Retna/Corbis Images and it keeps getting better. In reality, I don’t think I ever allowed my disorder to stop me showcasing my personality, so I can’t say this is really a sap story. Its a story of becoming resilience to obstacles in hopes to help others do the same. Maybe that is why fitness and media became second nature for me, I get to document and learn from all different kinds of people. I am constantly interested in the imperfections, the stories and triumphs of others, in order to shape my experience, one of most important luxuries of life. In short, I hope my passions can do nothing but inspire in hopes that because I decided to be more brave, daring, and honest each day. Thanks for reading this and yes, I am still shooting. See you, when I see you because I write more articles on fitness here:

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About chiomaozuzu

The first thing I remember about people is the stories they tell. I started doing videography when I was fifteen, when I learned that, in documenting the stories of others, I could develop my own stories as well. I was living in Trinidad when I realized my professional purpose -- that my videography should be about making people smile, especially when they share their stories. I also discovered my passion for photography while in Trinidad, where I realized that still photographs are moments in time, frozen stories that relay memories. Experiences such as graduations, weddings, quinceaneras, or concerts can represent the best moments of your life. A great photographer can synchronize your emotions, visions, stories, and experiences by becoming your second set of eyes. I think the most amazing part of my work is that, when I am taking pictures as a photographer, I transcend from a shooter to embody the camera itself. My images remember everything, from little details to the entirety of the events. I don’t just take pictures, you make them come alive; I don’t just do videos, I experience a story waiting to be told. My name is Chioma Ozuzu, and I am a videographer/photographer dedicated to telling stories through compelling visual media.

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