New directions!


So I may not be the best blogger, but I try to keep my posts engaging. The year is kicking in quite alright, but I still have a long way to go. However, the one thing I always enjoyed but never gave enough credit in doing or getting to enjoy more is Mixed Martial Arts and fitness. I have came a long way from a shaky 2013 when I lost both of my grandparents, of which I was very close to. My grandmother was my primary caretaker for a huge percentage of my life and I can also proudly say I adapted alot of my late grandfather’s mannerisms. Losing my grandmother to Diabetes is definitely the hardest thing I ever experienced and I’m still trying to get over. So how does one ring in 2014, besides all my news in Press Photography? Simple, taking care of myself, especially healthwise. I was fortunate in getting into shape with an amazing trainer in circuit training and not only lost weight and toned up (though I was always known for being stronger than I look), but decided that this is something lifelong for me. I became more aware of my diet and constantly see the weight shed off. My jawlines are more defined, my skin and eyes brighter, and my mental focus sharper. I often bust into any GNC’s I stumble across and often ask questions about the supplements. I am currently using the Women Ripped Pack and love the chewables. Got my mom to buy healthier groceries everytime I come back home and best of all is that I feel a bit more happier now than I ever did. Can’t wait to buy my first bikini as a 24 year old woman in June! So what’s next from this post? More hiatuses? Besides, becoming my trainer’s freelance assistant for today, a new direction! I will start posting more diet tips, workout tips, inspirations, supplements to check out and avoid, and all that is fitness, nutrition, and dope sports and MMA I can muster on the interwebs. Until then, STAY TUNED! 



About chiomaozuzu

The first thing I remember about people is the stories they tell. I started doing videography when I was fifteen, when I learned that, in documenting the stories of others, I could develop my own stories as well. I was living in Trinidad when I realized my professional purpose -- that my videography should be about making people smile, especially when they share their stories. I also discovered my passion for photography while in Trinidad, where I realized that still photographs are moments in time, frozen stories that relay memories. Experiences such as graduations, weddings, quinceaneras, or concerts can represent the best moments of your life. A great photographer can synchronize your emotions, visions, stories, and experiences by becoming your second set of eyes. I think the most amazing part of my work is that, when I am taking pictures as a photographer, I transcend from a shooter to embody the camera itself. My images remember everything, from little details to the entirety of the events. I don’t just take pictures, you make them come alive; I don’t just do videos, I experience a story waiting to be told. My name is Chioma Ozuzu, and I am a videographer/photographer dedicated to telling stories through compelling visual media.

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  1. Respect to your Granma, my Granma was central to my life too.

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