Tumbler and Tipsy-I Crave You! Fall 2013 Collection

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Hello everyone,

2012 has been quite an impressive year for me as I plan to make 2013 even bigger. This is officially my first post of the year and what better way to start off by talking about New York Fashion Week for the Fall Collection. I was honored to find out that the post that I wrote about last year’s Tumbler and Tipsy’s show landed me an official invite to attend the Tumbler and Tipsy- I Crave You! Fall 2013 collection as press. I never really expect my blogging can lead to more opportunities to network, but nonetheless I get to attend another Tumbler and Tipsy show!  Michael Kuluva is a LA based designer and owner of the Tumbler and Tipsy fashion line. The show was held on February 12, 2013 at STYLE360 at the Metropolitan Pavilion, New York City. Sponsored by Harmon/Kardon and Conair style, the show is set to impress once more.

Stars that attended the red carpet include Lily Halpern, Camen Electra, and Wynter Gordon as the show opened up with a live performance by pop singer Colette Carr with the hit song “F16”. Her military style baggy pants forecast what is to come for the rest of the show. The majority of models sported in plaid and or military like attire such as studded jackets and combat boots. However, since Valentine’s Day was near, the show had interesting Valentine themed accessories such as the makeup of the female models’ lips painted in heart shaped pouts, in tribute to Betty Boop. The show have alot of flashy and glittery aesthetics in the dresses and gear. but the most remembered among the collection was the official “Dripping in Gold” black sweatshirt worn by a model. Micheal Kuluva wore this shirt for the event. The show concluded with each model holding a red heart-shaped balloon. Overall, great show and perhaps Valentine’s Day Gift for those who attended!

P.S. I met Micheal Kuluva after the show was over! Best Valentine’s Day gift ever.

Please check out Tumbler and Tipsy at:  http://www.tumblerandtipsy.com/index2.html

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TumblerandTipsy


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The first thing I remember about people is the stories they tell. I started doing videography when I was fifteen, when I learned that, in documenting the stories of others, I could develop my own stories as well. I was living in Trinidad when I realized my professional purpose -- that my videography should be about making people smile, especially when they share their stories. I also discovered my passion for photography while in Trinidad, where I realized that still photographs are moments in time, frozen stories that relay memories. Experiences such as graduations, weddings, quinceaneras, or concerts can represent the best moments of your life. A great photographer can synchronize your emotions, visions, stories, and experiences by becoming your second set of eyes. I think the most amazing part of my work is that, when I am taking pictures as a photographer, I transcend from a shooter to embody the camera itself. My images remember everything, from little details to the entirety of the events. I don’t just take pictures, you make them come alive; I don’t just do videos, I experience a story waiting to be told. My name is Chioma Ozuzu, and I am a videographer/photographer dedicated to telling stories through compelling visual media.

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