Ashton Michael Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection-“Black Heart”

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Hi everyone,

Since I have been hiatus for a while, I will leave you guys with one last post. And yes, its New York Fashion Week related for all those fashionstas out there. I’m actually uber excited writing this post as we speak since I have the utmost pleasure in covering an Ashton Michael show. You may seen some of his work (notably his jackets) with a few celebrities including Will i Am, Azealia Banks, and Waka Flocka Flame. Unlike the Micheal Kuluva- I Crave You collection, a show of flashy, hearts, and “Dripping in Gold” features, Black Heart is a huge contrast! The show adorns with each model sporting a gold nose-rings like long horn bulls, Gothic/metal leather jackets, unusual models (eg., a stocky man with a crazy beard, albino models, and the famous Zombie Boy.) The show is absolutely my favorite fashion show to date, not because of clothes I could see myself wearing (if I have the money), but a memorable one that I consider one of the scariest and perhaps controversial show of the season. Nonetheless, check out Zombie Boy and Ashton Michael’s line! You wont be disappointed. Unless you are very conservative in fashion, which can be boring! Cheers!

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The first thing I remember about people is the stories they tell. I started doing videography when I was fifteen, when I learned that, in documenting the stories of others, I could develop my own stories as well. I was living in Trinidad when I realized my professional purpose -- that my videography should be about making people smile, especially when they share their stories. I also discovered my passion for photography while in Trinidad, where I realized that still photographs are moments in time, frozen stories that relay memories. Experiences such as graduations, weddings, quinceaneras, or concerts can represent the best moments of your life. A great photographer can synchronize your emotions, visions, stories, and experiences by becoming your second set of eyes. I think the most amazing part of my work is that, when I am taking pictures as a photographer, I transcend from a shooter to embody the camera itself. My images remember everything, from little details to the entirety of the events. I don’t just take pictures, you make them come alive; I don’t just do videos, I experience a story waiting to be told. My name is Chioma Ozuzu, and I am a videographer/photographer dedicated to telling stories through compelling visual media.

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