She’s The Way Summit at Columbia

Hi guys,


So sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Having been affected by Hurricane Sandy with a run down laptop has completely slowed down my blogging. And thus, I waited awhile to think about more things to write about. Thanks to Sony, I am able to obtain a Vaio laptop and other multimedia gear. So I am going to start with the latest photography experience I have. I attended the She’s The Way Summit at Columbia University this past weekend. She’s the Way Summit is a global movement promoting, mentoring, and educating young women of Africa, especially from marginalized and oppressed locations. I was really excited that it was a multitude of seminars and discussions about inspirational women of color tell their stories to other women of color in hopes that inspiration will follow. Not to mention that the event was sponsored by Dark and Lovely which provided amazing gift bags and hair makeovers to the women that participated. Among the events I attended this year, it was definitely something I am not used too (considering that I do more fashion and music events) but definitely gained a lot of contacts and self-awareness. I just have to fight harder to continue telling the stories of others through the power of film and photography.


About chiomaozuzu

The first thing I remember about people is the stories they tell. I started doing videography when I was fifteen, when I learned that, in documenting the stories of others, I could develop my own stories as well. I was living in Trinidad when I realized my professional purpose -- that my videography should be about making people smile, especially when they share their stories. I also discovered my passion for photography while in Trinidad, where I realized that still photographs are moments in time, frozen stories that relay memories. Experiences such as graduations, weddings, quinceaneras, or concerts can represent the best moments of your life. A great photographer can synchronize your emotions, visions, stories, and experiences by becoming your second set of eyes. I think the most amazing part of my work is that, when I am taking pictures as a photographer, I transcend from a shooter to embody the camera itself. My images remember everything, from little details to the entirety of the events. I don’t just take pictures, you make them come alive; I don’t just do videos, I experience a story waiting to be told. My name is Chioma Ozuzu, and I am a videographer/photographer dedicated to telling stories through compelling visual media.

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