January 2013 Recap

Hi Everyone,

Happy (Belated) New Year! January was quite a busy month for me and now its the first day of February. I was able to cover six Press events, covered one PopUpSwap event and a Bitter NYC photo-shoot. I also have a more supportive team of people I can’t wait to tackle lots of projects with. Not to mention, I got a cool shootout from my director of Career Services at Trinity College for choosing to build my own business. Fashion Week is already here so all I have to say is welcome to 2014, The Year of the Horse. Waiting 12 years for this day, so can’t wait to see what happens next. Image

My goals for 2014

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Years! As always trying my best to use WordPress, but I have a feeling that you will hear more of me very soon. This time, I started early in the year and ready to get things moving. Before the events and the photoshoots, here are my goals for 2014. Hope I can get all of them down, you never know!


1)    Get signed to shoot with a magazine

2)    Get signed to cover more celebrity red carpets, fashion shows, concerts, and shows.

3)    Freelance with a powerful non-profit 

4)    Join ASMP OR PPA

5)    Conduct at least 12 Editorials in 2014

6)    Hold a gallery event of my work

7)    Fully transfer and transform my website to WordPress

8)    Maximize usage in the social media platform:

                                       i.    Pinterest-Learn more about it

                                      ii.    Instagram-Get at least 1,500 followers

                                     iii.    WordPress-Get at least 50 followers

                                     iv.    Twitter-Get at least 1,500 followers

                                      v.    Facebook-Get at least 1,500 likes in Facebook

9)    Get published in at least 3 newspapers and magazines.

10)  Create a portfolio hard-copy work of 2014 of at least 150 pictures. 


Bonus: Go on a date, there I said it!  Exercise and try boxing again! 


Until then, let 2014 be an amazing year!



Never Limit What Your Imagination Takes You

Because you will eventually long for that freedom.

Forever Young: Birthday Happy

My Uncle Mbata, celebrating his 70th birthday party. Good to do more cultural celebrations like this!

Skate to That!

Skate to That!

He was amazing at the Tomboi fundraiser event. Can’t wait to shoot with them soon! @Brittany Alexandra Campbell and @Mia Monee Marcus

Bangin’ Models in the Front

Bangin' Models in the Front

He was definitely one of my favorite models from the show, for some charming reason..

Willow Smith At AfroPunk 2013

willowWillow Smith at Afropunk 2013

Me: Hey Willow! Willow! Can I get a picture?
(Willow throws fun poses at first then pauses…)
Willow: Oh wait, is this going to be posted somewhere?
Me: Yes.
Willow gave me this shot instead.

Willow Smith is awesome!

Secret Hiding Spot of NYC, Part I

IMG_6199Perfect little hiding spot my friend who lived in the city shared with me. A wonderful way to end your day from work in the last legs of summertime.

A Little Warmth, Brazil has Raised Me So.

A Little Warmth, Brazil has Raised Me So.

I remember how comfortable he wraps the flag around him like a blanket, the ones you had when you were younger. Since it was Brazilian Day in New York, you can expect that culture will always be that blanket.

Fashion Week: Fall 2013 Recap

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Hi everyone,

Hope your New York Fashion Week was awesome. I was sick for the first time in ages, so I didn’t get to enjoy the majority of the shows, hosted at the Lincoln Center. However, I did managed to go to three shows that were impressive and pretty fun overall!  I attended the Tumbler and Tipsy and Boy Meets Girl shows at Style 360 at the Metropolitan Pavilion  last Thursday. With sponsors such Njoy Electronic Cigarettes and Sabra Hummus, you know that getting freebies makes you enjoy the entirely of the overall experience before the shows. Let’s start with Tumbler and Tipsy. Their collection for Spring/Summer 2014,  “So Next Level” was presented by The AIDS Healthcare Foundation.  In collaboration with Out of the Closet Thrift Stores and clothing made with Swarovski Elements, Micheal Kuluva did it again with Fun, Spunky, and Sexy Party clothes with memorable slogans such as “Banging Models in the Back” and “I’m so Next Level”. The guest model for the show was no other than Perez Hilton, who looks pretty much in model shape with his pink zebra pants.  Similar to the party, electronic vibe was the Boy Meets Girl Brand by Stacy Igel. In association with Just Dance 5 and guest performance by Superstar singer, Austin Malone, the show was jam packed with great energetic fashion and apparel. Last, but not least is a show that is different from what I usually cover. Imagine walking down the catwalk, with your eyes closed. Superstar fashionista, Jason Christopher Peters is considered the “Future of Fashion” for a reason!  Held at the El Morocco for the Uptown Fashion Show, the show was filled with edgy, anime-like, and vibrant clothes that makes a statement  For more pictures, please link on the links below. Until then, Happy Fashion Week!

Link to Tumbler and Tipsy: http://www.chiomaozuzuevents.com/Fashion/SpringSummer-2014-So-Next

Link to Boy Meets Girl:http://www.chiomaozuzuevents.com/Fashion/Boy-Meet-Girl-SpringSummer

Link to Jason Christopher Peters: http://www.chiomaozuzuevents.com/Uptown-Fashion-Show-2013


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